Business Information Risk Assessment using the Risk Rabi

Identify and take control of business information vulnerabilities and risks across your organisation with a Business Information Risk Assessment (BIRA)

Why do organisations need a business information risk assessment?

Does your organisation generate and use vast amounts of business critical data and information everyday? Do you want to understand information vulnerabilities and risks that are a threat to your business performance?

Our business information risk assessment service can help you identify, protect and optimise the information assets that are critical to your organisation’s success. This will help you to:

  • Document and analyse operational information flows
  • Understand and address information vulnerabilities and risks
  • Determine and address application vulnerabilities and risks
  • Inform a strategy for digital transformation and modernisation
  • Address increasing cybersecurity threats
  • Provide supporting data for compliance
How can we help?

We enable organisations to proactively identify their business information vulnerabilities and risks. We provide an objective assessment of your business across the breadth of your information lifecycle. This gives you the confidence that your critical information assets are secure across your organisation. 

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Get Started

Risk RABI SaaS

Access to our Software-as-a-Service platform to undertake your own assessment
  • Access to the Risk RABI application
  • Online training and guidance resources
  • Unlimited user accounts per organisation

Risk RABI SaaS + Advisor

Access to our Software-as-a-Service platform and guided support to undertaken your own assessment
  • Access to the Risk RABI application
  • Staff training & guidance sessions
  • Assistance with interpretation of analytics

Business Information Risk Assessment Service

Our consulting service offer led by a Risk RABI consultant at your customer site.
  • All business information flows identified and documented
  • All business applications identified and documented
  • Comprehensive report and analytics highlighting vulnerabilities and risks
  • Business capability, information flow and application attributes workshops

Why choose Risk RABI?

We help organisations to proactively identify and assess their business information vulnerabilities & risks

We are an award wining business with over 25 years experience in the IT industry. We have extensive experience delivering business information systems and technology consulting, systems and software development, innovation services, corporate education programs and professional training.

Our Mission is to enable organisations to create business and social value and achieve their strategic goals by leveraging their information systems and technology assets.
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